TCL 49S6000 – Curved Smart LED TV – 49″

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TCL 49S6000 – Curved Smart LED TV – 49″



Curved Design
Curved design is the most optimal form for any display and allows more immersive experience with a wider viewing angle. The degree of the curvature which is based on scientific calculations makes your eyes feel more comfortable and makes the images more real.

11mm slim design combines function and fashion in a supreme show of elegance.
Curved Design

More Comfortable Viewing
People spend lots of time in watching screens. TCL curved screens aim to reduce the eye fatigue. Curved TV allows both eyes to enjoy viewing pleasures and comforts with SAME DISTANCE from ANY ANGLE.

Metallic Casing
Elegant metallic frame conveys beauty and serenity greater than you have imagined. P3’s wrap-up back design enhances heat radiating area for long-lasting usage, perfectly combines functionc and thinness design in practice.

Enjoy a viewing experience that is 2X the clarity of standard HD TVs.
Sports Mode
The optimization of images and sounds allows you to enjoy the feeling of personally being at the sports events. With Auto feature,you can zoom in to details and replay the action.
True Color
The latest generation of TCL’s LED backlight creates a milestone in LED backlight technology – White LED backlight to dramatically enhance color gamut and dynamic contrast ratio.

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Weight 2000 g

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  1. Aroma Anwar

    Feels as if the picture is real. Really enjoy it!

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